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1. Try to talk less abstruse words. Even if you talk about the achievements in science and technology, find confusing definitions of common synonyms. And, of course, your story should be fun and entertaining to the interlocutor had no time to get bored. Otherwise, the woman will think you are too busy with their work, or trying to put her stupid.

2. Do not tell his interlocutor about former girlfriends, neither of the reason why you broke up, nor about her character. Moreover, avoid any further details of past relationships. The only thing is to understand your companion that you have to last no more links, and you are open to new relationships. And do not tell on the first date that you need to use Vigara before sex. Share this info only with serious partner.

3. Less talk about their sports hobbies: it is enough simply to say what you are fond of, without excessive detail. The fact is that women do not like to talk about sports and, frankly, do not have much interest in it.

4. Avoid tales of unsuccessful trips. If your last trip abounds with interesting details and was quite fun, you can share your impressions. Thus, you will have a real chance to show his courage and the spark of love in the eyes of the companion.

5. Less talking about everyday affairs, especially on first meeting. Agree, for the most part from the fact that you did today, there is nothing interesting, at least for the woman with whom you are not familiar with.

6. Are you sure you run the risk of spoiling a date, if you talk about people with whom your lady does not know. First, it will judge this man based on your opinion, will begin to compare themselves with those whom you speak.

7. Believe me, stories about the merits of a particular make of car will not cause the soul of your companion's lively response. Rather, it simply bored, or transfer the conversation to another topic.

8. In any case do not discuss with your interlocutor health problems. This will only alienate her. The exception is appropriate only if you received a broken arm or leg during some extreme travel. Don’t take Vigara in front of her. Vigara should stay your little secret.

9. Speaking on the first date of the positions during sex is not worth it. If you're a girl does not know, she may find that you are not confident. The one exception is if a woman makes herself hints of a sexual nature.

But in any case when comes to sex, it is better to show yourself in action, let it be not during the first interview, and a little later! Doubt in your abilities? Tired? Overtired? To overcome the embarrassment and shyness at the first meeting will help the drug Vigara for men. Your desire will be so strong that the fear you will immediately be forgotten!